Architects need assistants, too!

Architects need assistants, too!

Most professionals hire assistants and the reason is simple: there’s a ton of everything everywhere all at once! To them, there’s always a task that needs urgent attention or a pressing problem that needs to be solved. Unfortunately, just like the rest of us, these professionals are equipped with 1 brain, 2 hands and 24-hour days. No matter the advancement technology can bring, it will always be 1:2:24.


To some, it takes courage to admit that they need help. They even consider hiring an assistant an unnecessary waste of resources. However, those who understand how the game is played in this economy know the value of getting good help. They understand that getting caught up in all those menial bits and pieces hinder them from scaling their careers to greater heights.


Doctors have medical assistants. Dentists have dental assistants. Teachers have teaching assistants. The list goes on. Architects? You work on million-dollar projects, clocking 60 hours a week. Some, more. You work past midnights and over weekends. Yet, why don’t I see a lot of job postings for “architecture assistants”? Give yourselves a break and outsource already!


Hiring architecture assistants helps maximize productivity. Getting someone to handle routine tasks frees your time for bigger ones requiring your expertise. Remember, not everything important helps you scale up. If you can’t distinguish which tasks to delegate, you’ll end up as a rocket that can’t be launched because you can’t let go of the bolts that hold you in place.


Your assistant will give you the healthy work-life balance you’ve always dreamed of. You may be an architect but you’re human first. A healthy human maintains a personal life (whatever that means to you). An unhappy and fatigued architect can’t give their best at work. Spend time with your lover, family and friends. Get a hobby. Let your assistant buy you some time.


Buying time does not mean spending a fortune. If you think hiring an assistant is costly and you’re not ready for a long-term commitment, then try getting a virtual assistant first. Instead of getting a full-time employee, get someone who can work for you remotely and reduce the financial risk that’s causing you to think twice. This arrangement may even surprise you in the long run. A lesson that the pandemic taught us is that a lot of jobs can be done from home if we know how to think outside the box.


Dear architect, I hope you find a competent assistant soon. While you think the best way to do your job is to do it yourself,  it’s not always the case. Getting someone reliable and experienced will definitely be life-changing. You’ll see. You may even learn a thing or two. Happy hunting!


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